the adventure continues in Vail, AZ

the adventure continues in Vail, AZ 3This past month we sold our fifth wheel RV and moved back into our house in Vail, AZ. Our 20,000 miles around the country taught us a lot of things – one of which is gratitude. The more miles we put on, the more we appreciated the beautiful sunshine of southern AZ and the familiarity of friendship.

Moving back into a house has given us peace as we look forward to the arrival of our third little girl this April.

That being said, our adventure is far from over. We plan to continue to give together as a family whenever we can – whatever form that may take.

We came to understand this year that one of the most effective ways to help others is through regularity. Random acts of kindness are powerful and often needed, but the most influential givers we came across were doing it in a much more personal way.

In a nutshell, we learned that many of the most effective places to give are likely already part of our lives. It is loving our neighbors, caring about our co-workers, and being selfless enough to discover the needs of the people around us.


  1. I think your nutshell point is the most important – many of the most effective places to give are already part of our lives. It’s how we try to give around here. Occasionally we’ll reach outside of this circle to give – but it seems more meaningful when we have a personal connection with those we are giving too.

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