Day #52: Give Back Your Shopping Cart

I know the title sounds like I am suggesting not to "steal shopping carts." :) After my oldest daughter and I came out of the grocery store today, we put our shopping bags in the truck and then pushed the basket to the cart receptacle. It is a simple thing, but many people don't do it. I've considered the fact that I am the customer and the establishment I just gave my money to is paying … [Read more...]

Day #51: Give a Hygiene Kit

Our oldest daughter and I went to Target today to buy items to make a hygiene kit. We plan to give the little kit to a homeless person next time we are on-the-road. Sometimes it is difficult to know if giving money is helpful in the long run. When possible, we like to give edible things or hygiene items as an alternative to cash. My daughter and I went to the travel section to find what we … [Read more...]