Day #94: Give to Julie

Congratulations to Julie in CT – this week’s featured giver and prize winner. Julie's Story: I give my time to write stories for my church’s kids program on Wednesday nights. They needed some character building stories to supplement their curriculum so each week I write a “Wild West” themed story that follows a group of “adventurers” across the US. I have so much fun writing these stories that … [Read more...]

Amy’s igive Story

Congratulations to Amy - this week's featured giver and prize winner. Amy's Story: Today my 4 year old and I joined others at our church for a monthly “Sandwich Ministry”. We package up sandwiches & a Bible verse for passing out at a homeless shelter. Tonight I’m giving my time. Our church is updating their Directory and I’m working the picture check-in booth. A new prize winner is selected … [Read more...]

Day #80 Give a Gift to Other Givers

Today, we are launching igive - a place to share how YOU give. The GiveEveryDay movement is much more than just what my family and I do each day. It is your story too. Each week I will give a prize to 1 person who shares how they gave. This is an opportunity for me to give back to you every week. Feel free to enter every day! One winner will be picked each Saturday. This week the … [Read more...]