Day #67: Give a Book by Reading a Book

Our family recently discovered We Give Books is an amazing resource for families of young children. It's like an entire children's section of a library on my computer. For free! Today, Stephanie and I traded off reading handfuls of books to the girls from this website. In addition to being a totally free online library, the We Give Books initiative gives a children's book to … [Read more...]

Day #59: Give Books to the Library

One of our country's best institutions (in my opinion) is the Public Library. The library is a place of learning and discover - no matter your age. That said, I imagine our libraries will need to evolve with technology if they will continue to thrive - perhaps becoming more dependent on e-book readers and the internet. Today, we went to the local library here in Kingsland, Georgia. Stephanie … [Read more...]

Day #55: Give Literacy to Your Children

Today, like every day, I spent time reading with our girls. They both love books!  They are eager to soak up the knowledge found on each page. On most days, we read dozens of children's books with them - even when we're tired, even when we've read a book a hundred times already. We were out most of the day today, but before dinner I read Lady and the Tramp, 102 Dalmatians, and … [Read more...]