Day #136: Give to Marlena

Congratulations to Marlena - this week’s featured giver and prize winner (gift certificate for Four at The Old Spaghetti Factory). Marlena’s story: Our neighbor was diagnosed with ALS about one year ago.  She has lost her ability to talk and misses interacting with our two toddlers.  We bring her and her husband treats and send them pictures of the kids.  Her husband says that it brightens … [Read more...]

Day #60: Give by Going Barefoot

This morning we told the girls that we were not going to wear shoes. Our oldest wanted to know if we were still "going to go outside." She was thrilled at the idea of running around with bare feet. Today, was Toms Shoes' One Day Without Shoes. Toms Shoes is a company that is acutely aware of global poverty and how shoes can change lives. Toms Shoes has created an amazing business … [Read more...]