Phase II: Expanding into the For-Profit World

Phase II: Expanding into the For-Profit World 3Up until now, we have only volunteered with, toured, and interviewed non-profit organizations. We have learned from people who are serving children, the elderly, the hungry, and even prisoners. We have asked questions about funding and management. We have evaluated the impact of each organization and what it takes to serve their cliental.

Beginning on day #151, we will be expanding our perspective to the for-profit world. Many companies have philanthropic goals to create social change. We want to learn from them as well and retell their stories. We also want to be able to compare and contrast models of giving.

If we come across a particularly unique non-profit, we will be sure to volunteer and spotlight them just like we have up until this point…but our new focus will be on businesses doing good.

Along with this change, I am also going to refrain from writing every day in order to more intently reflect on what we are learning about philanthropy. While our family will continue to give every day, I want to free up our schedules, minds, and hearts to be able to write more analytical posts [rather than daily reports].

Do you have any questions about Phase II of Give Every Day? Do you have suggestions about which businesses we should feature? Leave them here and I’ll respond in the comments or a future post.


  1. I’m looking forward to this next phase of your journey and your new way of discussing what you are doing.

  2. Steph: I hope your tooth is better (or will get better soon)

    also, I wanted to bring up to your attention who help kids with special needs to find fanilies. It is an amazing organization, maybe you could feature it in one of your next “give” posts

    • Thanks for suggesting Reece’s Rainbow. I looked at their website. They would have been an interesting organization to visit/volunteer with.