Movin’ on out

Movin' on out 3We put our house on-the-market in early August.

The first month was slow (as in, two-people-came-to-see-our-house slow).

The second and third months were a flurry of activity.

As we approached November, we decided to put out a “For Rent” sign too – to keep our options open.

Tim’s phone was ringing constantly. People wanting to buy. People wanting to rent. People wanting to tromp through our house morning, noon, and night.

We are happy and relieved to announce that we now have a renter (and a really good one too – we hope).

We are also a little overwhelmed because we have to move out in less than a week. Less than a week!

We don’t have a motorhome yet (still considering a variety of options) so…we’re going to stay with family as we wrap up preparations.

The plan is to hop in our RV and drive out of town around the 1st of the year. Stay tuned for updates about our first projects, a send-off party, and more.


  1. Praise God!

  2. @TimSheaffer and I are excited and relieved to announce that we have a renter for our house: #GiveEveryDay

  3. Congrats on finding a renter!

  4. Ahhh!!! Congrats!! I can’t imagine the butterflies you all must have!

  5. Wow!!! It’s really here!!

  6. Congratulations! So glad you found a renter! Every step of this must make it more and more “real.” You guys are amazing!

  7. Wow, it’s really coming together…and fast! Good luck with the last preparations and enjoy your holidays before the big send-off!

  8. Wow! So very exciting!!!!!!

  9. workout mommy says

    That’s great news about the renter! Good luck with the packing and the move(s)! :)

  10. Oh my goodness! Soooooooo exciting! Please let us know if you need anything! You guys are in our prayers!!

  11. I’m so thrilled to hear this for you! Wow!