Launch Sponsor: Simmons

Launch Sponsor: Simmons 3

The New York Times - Published October 14th, 1900

All my friends know this about me: I like things clean. Usually this is a good quality, but sometimes my “cleanliness standards” are a little too high for the rest of my family.

When we bought our fifth wheel, it needed cleaning – and lots of it. There was nothing overly disgusting, but when someone else has been living in your house it needs a good cleaning before it feels like home.

The first thing we did was get all the bedding, mattresses, and fabric materials out of the trailer. I even got rid of two reclining chairs. Someone else’s years of dead skin (and who knows what else) were on the top of my list to say goodbye to.

Launch Sponsor: Simmons 4I was determined to replace (at minimum) our mattresses so I was very happy to have Simmons as one of our launch sponsors. They sent us their ComforPedic Harmony Plush model.

It fits in our queen size bed slide-out perfectly.

You can read more about how Simmons’ special memory foam technology displaces heat and quickly responds to movement on their website, but what matters to me is that this mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. It really is awesome!

Now if I could just get to sleep on it more often…

If you are planning on replacing your mattress, consider the Simmons’ ComforPedic line. Your body will love you for it!

Did you realize you will likely spend over 23 years sleeping in your lifetime?



  1. I am definitely in the market for a mattress. It has to be king-sized to fit me and my girls if they need to cuddle on occasional nights. I’m sleeping on an air mattress right now. I will definitely check out Simmons.

  2. I have heard that your daughters are enjoying it more than you are! I am the same way with cleaniness. Whenever we have moved into a new home either a rental or one we bought I have had to clean it (even if it was just cleaned) to put my own touches and my own cleaning supplies on it. It makes me feel better.

    • We are all enjoying it! Steph and I just have a bit more transitioning pains then the girls do. For some reason we are responsible for all the logistics. :)

      Cleaning makes me feel better too…

  3. I hear you on wanting things clean! I’m not as obsessive about it as my husband is – but I still like to have things like mattresses be NEW when we get them! :)

  4. Did you know that we could spend up to 23 years of our life on our mattress?!