Launch Sponsor: Lowe’s

Launch Sponsor: Lowe's 9For two months prior to the Give Every Day launch, I worked on our fifth wheel and truck or some other component of this adventure full-time, nearly all day long. The intensity and duration of the preparation time actually took us a little by surprise.

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One of the more satisfying projects was replacing our faucets. Stephanie & I drove down to Lowe’s in Tucson and picked up a kitchen faucet and a bathroom faucet. The new ones make the inside of our fifth wheel look infinitely better.

Old faucets can be gross and both of ours fit that category. They were cheap, a dirty white, and a little gummed up from being nearly ten years old.

I don’t particularly like plumbing, but replacing faucets is a piece of cake. You basically unscrew the water lines, take off the threaded rings that hold the faucet to the sink, and drop in the new faucet.

One tip of advice I learned on this project: RVs have a lot of plastic plumbing. You can’t use teflon tape on plastic threads/fittings like you can on metal ones. I did at first and my water lines leaked, so I had to disconnect the lines and remove the tape. Now they don’t leak.

Our new faucets are matching polished bronze. They are sturdy, look great, and – best of all – clean as a whistle!

If you want to make your bathroom or kitchen look immediately better without a lot of work, head to Lowe’s and buy new faucets. It made a night and day difference for us.

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  1. the kitchen faucet is so pretty.

  2. I noticed the beautiful kitchen faucet in one of your recent posts… they reall do make a world of difference in how something looks!

  3. beautiful! Our bathroom could use a re-do (pink tile anyone?? eek!) but our *almost* 5 year old’s room will come first! Purple walls!

  4. I’m so glad you posted this, because in one of your pictures, I noticed the faucets and how great they look. Lowe’s is the BEST home-improvement store.

  5. They often donate the demos models to local agencies that recycle construction goods. If you can find out who you can buy some at 50-80% off the new price.

  6. Lowe’s is our favorite stop for home improvement items. Glad to see them sponsoring Give Every Day

  7. Now that’s a great idea! We have an older camper and our faucets look just like the ones you pulled out. It never occurred to me to replace them!