Video: Give Every Day Reality TV

The weeks before launching GiveEveryDay were crammed full of preparation. We had truck and trailer maintenance, passports to renew, mailing addresses to update, a house to rent, and what felt like (at the time) an unsurmountable list of things to accomplish before we left.  I worked full-time until the end of November so nearly everything happened in December and January. We departed Tucson, AZ on … [Read more...]

We Almost Became a Reality TV Show

This Sunday will mark Day# 100. It is hard to believe that we are that far along. We plan to have a surprise party for the girls when they wake up that morning - a mini celebration here in the RV. Stephanie and I are going to blow up ballons and decorate the fifth wheel the night before when they are tucked in bed. We want our girls to know we appreciate their caring hearts and the sacrifice … [Read more...]

Launch Sponsor: Simmons

All my friends know this about me: I like things clean. Usually this is a good quality, but sometimes my "cleanliness standards" are a little too high for the rest of my family. When we bought our fifth wheel, it needed cleaning - and lots of it. There was nothing overly disgusting, but when someone else has been living in your house it needs a good cleaning before it feels like home. The … [Read more...]

Introducing…our Launch Sponsors

We are pleased to introduce you to the Official Launch Sponsors for our Give Every Day adventure. Over the next few weeks, you'll see featured posts and videos about each brand. We sincerely hope that you'll check out each of the company's websites and leave comments as we publish posts. For now, we'll leave you with a quick introduction... LANDS' END - Lands' End is a global multi-channel … [Read more...]

Launch Date: Saturday, February 5

All systems are GO. This Saturday is the 1st day of the Give Every Day project. Beginning Saturday, February 5th, we'll be blogging each day with how we gave that day (even days on the road!). Documenting the journey will force us to be creative and to not skimp on our mission. Join us? “What am I to do? I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good work, therefore, any … [Read more...]

Your Questions…ANSWERED

We're still in Tucson, Arizona. Our truck and trailer are ready. Our to-do is list is significantly shorter than it once was. Our hands and our hearts are ready for the adventure ahead. BUT - we still have a few small matters to attend to (most notably, finding a tenant for our house). As we wait, we thought we'd answer a few of your burning questions about our upcoming … [Read more...]

House For Rent – Vail, AZ

Stephanie and I have been scratching things off of our to-do list each day. We only have a few more things left to take care of before we hit the interstate eastbound for San Antonio. One of the most pressing things we would like to scratch off before we go is renting our house. You may recall that we actually had a renter who signed a 1-year lease back in November. They lived there for 6 … [Read more...]

When Exactly Are You Leaving?

Originally, we thought we'd be pulling out of Tucson around January 1st [1-1-11 - how cool would that have been?]. As it turns out, it's a little more work than we expected to sell everything we own, buy an RV, and get ready for a year of living on the road. Try it sometime - you'll see. ;) We're now tentatively hoping to leave sometime next week (next week!). Here's the short list of … [Read more...]

We Bought A Truck

It's a 2004 F-250 King Ranch. 4X4. Diesel. Crew Cab. This week, we need to: purchase and install a sliding 5th wheel hitch purchase and install suspension airbags purchase and install a brake controller complete a few other maintenance tasks Heigh-Ho. Off to work we go. … [Read more...]

1st Stop: San Antonio

Originally, we planned on heading up the West Coast first - through captivating California, awesome Oregon, and wondrous Washington. Upon further reflection and discussion, however, we decided to head the opposite way due to weather concerns. We didn't want to get stranded in our RV with icy rain pouring down. We'll be heading along the gulf coast, where the sun is shining and the … [Read more...]

Stephanie’s Biggest Fear – Well, Not Really

Stephanie and I have very similar tastes. We have a ton in common. We are both spontaneous. We like most of the same foods. A lot of our hobbies are the same. But, there are a few things we differ on. I love coffee; she will only drink it if she is "cold."  I use most of our cell phone minutes each month; she talks for as few as possible. I tend to be more reserved when I first meet people; … [Read more...]

We Bought a 5th Wheel RV

Quick announcement:  We have an RV sitting in the driveway! The past weeks have been filled with craigslist and newspaper searches for a motorhome or 5th wheel. About a week ago, we decided to stop looking at motorhomes and narrow our search to only 5th wheel camper trailers. Two days ago, we finally found one that had everything we need. We will post more images (including a video tour) soon … [Read more...]

Mark Your Calendars for December 12th!

Vail Christian Church is hosting a send-off reception for our family on Sunday, December 12th, from 3:00-6:00PM in the Empire High School Library. All are welcome - whether or not you're associated with Vail Christian or any church. Light refreshments will be served and kids are welcome to attend. This is an informal event - open house style. Stay for 5 minutes or linger and chat. An … [Read more...]

Last Day of Work

Yesterday was my last day at the Vail Christian Church office (I have been the Connection Pastor there for the past 5 years). The staff and I went to lunch together at Nimbus Brewery, one of my favorite lunch spots. The whole day seemed odd. I worked on a few things for this coming Sunday - which will be my final day of employment. I cleaned the remaining things out of my desk and bookshelf. … [Read more...]

We Rented Our House

About two weeks ago, we took our house off the market so that we could rent it. Our tenants moved in this weekend. They are a friendly family with three kids so we expect that they will fit right in with the rest of the neighborhood. This past week was jam-packed with moving out of our house and preparing it for the renters to move in. Stephanie and I packed up our remaining belongings, touched … [Read more...]