Day #97: Give a Hand Taking Out The Trash

Day #97: Give a Hand Taking Out The Trash 1

Advance, NC

The campground we are currently staying at is the largest one we have been to so far. We are getting lots of exercise on hiking trails, going to the playground, and strolling around the lake.

Unlike a lot of the campgrounds, no one picks up your trash here. Each camper is responsible to take his/her garbage to the dumpsters (which are located on the opposite side of the park).

We had a full trash bag so I headed out to throw it away. As I walked by our neighbor’s RV, I noticed they were sitting outside reading. I casually mentioned I was headed to the dumpers and asked if they had any trash that they would like me to take for them.

They looked at one another and smiled. “I think we do. That would be great!” the husband said as he motioned to his wife to get their trash bag. They cracked a joke about how the trash receptacles were too far away to walk to and thanked me kindly.


  1. Yes! :)

    Don’t come too far west, because every single one I have been to is a “take your own trash” to the receptacle. LOL.

    • We’ve experienced plenty both ways. I guess daily trash pickup at a campground is kind of funny.

  2. Another reminder that it’s easy to give in little ways – when you have the mindset of serving others.