Day #94: Give to Julie

Congratulations to Julie in CT – this week’s featured giver and prize winner.

Julie’s Story:

I give my time to write stories for my church’s kids program on Wednesday nights. They needed some character building stories to supplement their curriculum so each week I write a “Wild West” themed story that follows a group of “adventurers” across the US. I have so much fun writing these stories that it hardly feels like “giving” anything at all… but then when I hear from the teachers how the preschoolers are raptly attentive to each installment, I just feel so blessed to give a little of my writing talent towards their enjoyment and learning!

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  1. Thank you again! I can’t say thank you enough for this awesome prize, but more so for the way you inspire me and others to focus on our giving!!!

  2. Yay Congrats Julie! :)

  3. Congratulations Julie – it sounds like you have a talent for writing! I’d love to see some of those wild west stories – do you post them on a blog?