Day #92: Give Your Mom a Mother’s Day Card

Day #92: Give Your Mom a Mother's Day Card 3

Today, we spent several hours creating mother’s day cards and printing out pictures for Stephanie’s mom and my mom.

Our two girls were in charge of the card-making. Our oldest drew a picture of my mom standing with her four grandchildren and Stephanie and I sorted through pictures and printed some favorites.

What did you do for your mom this mother’s day?


  1. We like to do flowers at Mother’s Day – for my mother-in-law Sugar picked out a flat of annuals for her to plant in her flower containers on her patio – she made sure that Nana had a good selection – yellow flowers, pink flowers, white flowers, purple flowers… For one of my mother’s I ordered an azalea bush and for my other mother we gave her another cover for her Miche bag purse, of course they all had cards too! Sugar was pretty excited about the card making and made cards for her aunts, uncles and cousins too :)