Day #89: Give Your Time To Find a Lost Pet

Day #89: Give Your Time To Find a Lost Pet 1

Advance, NC

We were about to get in our truck and drive into town when a neighbor pulled up in their truck and asked if we had seen a black kitten with a scar on its nose.

Their kitten had snuck out of their RV and vanished.

The four of us decided we would hold off on going on our errands and form a family-sized search party to find the pet.

The couple drove off in one direction and we headed off on foot in the other.

Stephanie was the first one to spot the cat. I gently approached it and picked her up. We headed back to the owners’ RV. They were overjoyed to have their lost kitten home again.


  1. In the middle of a big snowstorm last winter, at night when I was trying to put the dogs in their kennels in the shed to give them a little more protection from the cold, wind and snow one of our black labs ran off. We were in a “state of emergency” the blizzard was that bad – and my husband had already gotten ready for bed. I called our town’s online newspaper and begged a favor – so they posted Drake’s description on Facebook – we received 3 phone calls in less than 10 minutes and had the dog back where he should be by the time my husband was dressed, bundled up and heading out. It certainly is a blessing when others take the time to help you find a lost pet!