Day #85: Give a Picnic for Friends or Family

Day #85: Give a Picnic for Friends or Family 1

Asheville, NC

Stephanie’s sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews live about two hours from Asheville. Today, they met us for a fun-filled day of hanging out together and sightseeing.

We met at 11:30am for a picnic. The Appalachian Mountains are beautiful this time of year – perfect for being outdoors. Stephanie and I brought simple fixings for all of us to eat – strawberries, melon, honey-roasted turkey, cheese, bread, carrots, and crackers.

The picnic was a great way to kick off our day. Our families have a lot of fun together so we miss them already.


  1. One of the fun things I remember doing as a kid is having picnics! We couldn’t afford to eat out often or go to amusement parks and things like that – but Mom knew how to make a simple day fun – with a picnic a frisbee and the great outdoors!

  2. Ahhh…giving a picnic. What a beautiful idea. We are all so busy – this is like giving people peace and a slice of well-deserved time. What a gift!

  3. What a lovely way to spend a day. A picnic in what looks like a Monet painting:)