Day #81: Give with MANNA FoodBank in Asheville, NC

Day #81: Give with MANNA FoodBank in Asheville, NC 1

Asheville, NC

Today we volunteered at MANNA FoodBank – an organization that collects, stores, warehouses and distributes food to accredited non-profits throughout 16 counties in Western North Carolina. They ship out over 8 million pounds each year. Their operation was clean and organized…a feat that not all non-profits have mastered.

After a tour of their two warehouses, our family joined a group of volunteers. We filled food boxes with an assortment of dry goods, cans, and bottles.

During our tour, Autumn McCarver (Community Outreach Coordinator) told us that their chief goal wasn’t to give food away, but to bring awareness about hunger. We left feeling like the organization understood hunger in their community and had a vision to find a solution (not just treat the problem). This food bank is definitely making a difference in North Carolina – a state know for high rates of poverty.

Of Note – MANNA is a friendly place for volunteers of all ages. They even have footstools for kids to stand on so they can reach the workspaces. Our oldest daughter said today was one of her favorite places to volunteer.

After we finished, we were treated to lunch by a retired couple (John and Joan) who volunteer every week!


  1. Out of all the experiences we have had as a family giving and sharing of ourselves, the most memorable is when my girls collected non-perishable food outside of a local supermarket and then brought it themselves directly to the food bank. We will never forget that day and the impact a group of 8,9 and 10 year old girl can have on their community. I love these pictures of your girls helping out!

    • Yes. There is something remarkable seeing kids wanting to serve. I love doing these things with the whole family!

  2. I think it is awesome when food banks like this one do so much to educate as well as provide.

  3. they are such good helpers. I used to volunteer at soup kitchen, I think it is very educational, and helps understand that people are indeed in need

  4. Those pictures of the girls are priceless. That food bank really seems to have it together on the family and education front.