Day #80 Give a Gift to Other Givers

Day #80 Give a Gift to Other Givers 3Today, we are launching igive – a place to share how YOU give.

The GiveEveryDay movement is much more than just what my family and I do each day. It is your story too.

Each week I will give a prize to 1 person who shares how they gave.

This is an opportunity for me to give back to you every week.

Feel free to enter every day! One winner will be picked each Saturday.

This week the prize is a $75.00 gift card to

Head over to the igive page for a chance to win.



  1. I love the giving movement that you are starting! It makes me take note of the little & big ways I can give to my family, friends, and those I don’t know everyday.

  2. What a great idea (and not just b/c you’re giving away free stuff! LOL). I have been reading your site from the beginning. I get your emails daily and even though I sometimes don’t comment, I read every day! :) Your posts have been making me more conscious of whether I gave that day or not… sometimes I tend to think of giving a as a LARGE gesture, like giving a good amount of money or a whole day’s work effort or a present. But you’re making me think about the little ways of giving. I am definitely participating in this igive launch b/c I need to be more aware of giving. I think if I challenge myself to post a comment daily about how I gave, it’ll make me more aware. And that will be good for me, even if I never win a prize! :) Thanks! You two have the best imaginations!!! :)

  3. Amy said it right! You guys are starting a giving movement :)

  4. Janelle - The Opinionated Mama says

    This is really great! I am so thankful of what you, Stephanie and the girls are doing. Showing others what you give is so amazing. Initially as I read this I felt like I did not want to share. I did not want to have any of the “glory” for my actions. But I think I am starting to get it now. I feel that showing how we gave is just us being a great example for others. Giving others ideas and showing how we are blessed through our giving. Encouraging others to take the leap and give it a try also.

    Thanks for all of your examples. You are really doing God’s work!