Day #78: Give to a Friend’s Dream

Day #78: Give to a Friend's Dream 3Fame has many friends.

The sports team that wins the championship suddenly gains a new and much larger fan base. The musician that scores a record deal receives instant adoration. The entrepreneur who strikes gold is sought out for publicity and partnerships.

But every star must start somewhere. Every successful person has champions and encouragers who were there from day one – true fans.

Today, we made a small pledge on to help “kick start” a film being produced and directed by some friends.

The Narrow Road is based on John Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress. Their goal right now is to raise money so that a test scene can be produced and used to show potential investors what the final product will look like.

When other people share their ideas and dreams, are you more likely to rally behind their vision or wait and see if they win the championship?

***book recommendation – Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly


  1. I guess my support usually depends on how realistic the dream is (as cynical as that may sound). Maybe I should go back and re-read Matthew Kelly’s book that you recommended. I shouldn’t be surprised that you would be familiar with his writings. We saw him speak in person a few years ago and and joined his 1,000 Friends campaign shortly thereafter. He’s a very inspirational person indeed.

    • There are foolish dreams I suppose, but so many great projects and successes have near impossible beginnings.

      What is the 1k friends campaign like?

  2. I like helping friends out – it’s so exciting to see those I care about succeed!

  3. I am more likely to rally b/c I like to see the start-to-fnish story – when they finally get their big day and achieve their goal, it is so satisfying to know exactly how far they have come. LOVE it when that happens! :)

  4. What a fascinating project. Curious about the book too. I always value your recommendations.