Day #77: Give Your Bicycle

Day #77: Give Your Bicycle 1

Bluff City, TN

Our oldest daughter decided that she should give her bicycle to another kid that will use it more often then she does.

We took the bike to a Goodwill donations center today along with a large bag of other donations.

What do you know about Goodwill? We hope to learn more at their corporate headquarters when we get to Maryland.


  1. Wow, what a kind thing to do. She definitely is learning from mom and dad :)

  2. I have to admit I don’t know much about Goodwill, but most of our donated items go to them because they have a truck in our grocery store’s parking lot.

    Today I gave a bottle of water and a packet of Kleenex to a young mom who had capped off her horrible day by locking her keys in the trunk of her locked car. She was waiting for AAA and there wasn’t much I could do, but I thought the small token would help to brighten her day a little. And it did :).

  3. That’s pretty impressive. It’s great to see that your giving is rubbing off on the girls.

  4. We have a Goodwill donation trailer a mile from our house so it is super convenient to donate there. In fact, I have a huge contractor bag ready to be dropped off today filled with old clothes and winter boots. Love that your daughter is learning first-hand the beauty of giving. I always agree when my girls come to me with something to give…

  5. Our grand daughter has the same bike! She’s about outgrown it so it’s time to donate it to someone else. ;D

  6. Please share what you learn from your visit to Goodwill… On one hand, I love that they do a great job of creating career opportunities for people in our community that might not otherwise be able to gain employment. On the other hand, I have heard from some of my more eco-minded friends, that Goodwill does a lot of overseas shipment of our donated goods rather than keeping them in the community because they can make more money that way. I’d like to get the real scoop on what they do with our donations. Goodwill is more conveniently located for me to make donations, but when it’s convenient, I try to make an effort to donate to more locally based organizations.

  7. I love it when my children choose to give – it’s something we’re working on!

  8. Wow! Now THAT’S a girl that is changing the world with her giver heart.