Day #76: Give with Crisis Pregnancy Center in Bristol, TN

Day #76: Give with Crisis Pregnancy Center in Bristol, TN 1

Bristol, TN

We volunteered today at the Crisis Pregnancy Center here in Bristol. The center is a safe place for pregnant women to get educational materials, support throughout their pregnancy, and even clothes for their new baby (0-4T) – all for free.

The four of us sorted through boxes of clothing donations. We separated items by size, gender, and season. Our oldest daughter was a pro at putting everything in the correct piles.

While we were there, a first-time mom (6 months along) came into the center hoping to get clothes for her newborn. Stephanie and the girls helped her find a few infant outfits.


  1. Oh, wow, my very good friend, Kim, lives there. How much longer will you be in Bristol? Kathy

  2. Looks like a wonderful Pregnancy Center. I always love to see places that support the mamas after the birth by giving clothing and supplies.

  3. Pregnancy centers like this one are so very important. I appreciate the work they do!