Day #74: Give Help to Fix a Roof

Day #74: Give Help to Fix a Roof 1

Knoxville, TN

We pulled into a Walmart parking lot this afternoon in Knoxville, TN. Tomorrow we are headed to Bristol. I backed our fifth wheel in on the far side of the parking lot in the midst of 9 semi-trucks and 6 other RVers.

After setting up the fifth wheel, I noticed a man standing on a ladder next to a small motorhome. I could tell he wanted to ask a question.

Could you steady this ladder while I climb on the roof?” he asked.

A panel on his roof was coming off and needed repair. I spent about 30 minutes with him holding the ladder while he worked and told me his life’s story – including the part about how the “Mafia” is trying to kill him.

After he finished the roof, I prayed for him.


  1. Wow. You must have heard so many great stories from all the people you have met in your travels. I hope you are journaling all of them somewhere. Combine them with this blog and you have the makings of a great book.

  2. I agree with Jessica, there’s definitely a book deal here! Good for you for helping this man. I’m sure he needed a friendly ear to listen to him.

  3. I would have asked you to climb on the roof… heights aren’t my thing :) I think the biggest help you gave though was listening and praying – we could all use some more of that in our lives.