Day #71: Give Hand-Me-Downs

Day #71: Give Hand-Me-Downs 1

Nashville, TN

Today, we spent most of the day with friends. They have two kids who are roughly the same ages as our girls so everyone had a great time.

We ate pizza together for lunch at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. It was like a giant indoor greenhouse – full of flowers, water fountains, and restaurants.

Then, we all ate dinner together in our fifth wheel – fajitas, homemade bread, and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

There is a shelf in our fifth wheel where we store things that we plan to give away. It is always filling up with new stuff. Before our friends came over, we picked out the clothes that would fit their 4-year-old daughter. A princess rain jacket, water shoes, and a pair of pants.

We try to give hand-me-downs whenever possible. Kids grow so fast; it seems like they are always needing new clothes.

Periodically, a family gives us a bag or two of clothes for our girls and we are always grateful.

Do you like getting & giving hand-me-downs?


  1. Janelle - The Opinionated Mama says

    I LOVE hand me downs! They are one of the best gifts ever!!

    • I agree! Getting a “new” bag of clothes always makes us smile…and it’s so exciting for the girls to look through!

      (I also like hand-me-downs for me, but it seems like women don’t share clothes as freely. Has that been your experience too?).

      • Janelle - The Opinionated Mama says

        Your right! I think that for most of my friends we either wear our clothes out or sell them consignment. I have heard of clothing exchange parties but never been to one. Sounds fun though!

  2. A lady that works with my husband has given us bags of clothes on several occasions. Her daughters are just a couple years older than ours; as she cleans out their closets, she passes things on to our kids. It’s a big help.

  3. Hand-me-downs are hands-down one of the best gifts ever! They are a life-saver for us and our kids get so excited when someone gives us more “new” clothes! Usually it makes the clothes more special because their much admired older friends shared their awesome stuff with them!

  4. My sister-in-law saved us hundreds of dollars, possibly thousands by giving us her hand-me downs. I would save them in bins in my attic until my girls grew into them. I saved up to size 12 because I simply could not imagine the day my girls would be that big. The day we went through our last bin was a very sad day, for many reasons! I try to pass on this joy as often as I can by giving what my girls outgrow.

  5. My older daughter is the 5th girl cousin on my husband’s side, so my girls pretty much only wear hand-me-downs. My younger daughter wears her sister’s hand-me-downs and for now we hold on to the clothes since we plan on having more kids. Once we are done we will hand down our clothes.

  6. Vicarious Chelsea says

    We love hand me downs! Lilly gets quite a few from a friend of hers, from school, who is about 6mo older and quite a bit taller. Every season pretty much (you know, our two Tucson seasons), she gets BAGS from this amazing family. It is like Christmas to her, and to me!
    Zac gets some too… we have a few friends with boys who are a bit older. He isn’t old enough to be excited himself, yet, but I love it!

    The really fun thing is listening to Lilly tell me that something is too small so we should give it to (her cousin) Shyla.

  7. Hand me downs are the best! When our kids were small we would “frill” up clothes our son out grew so our daughter could wear them. Now we give clothes our grandkids out grow to a good friend for her grands.

  8. So good to hear that Opryland is back open and beautiful again! We were there during the huge flood last year and the Opryland hotel had nine feet of water inside. Hopefully we’ll see it another time.

    • Yes, it looks wonderful – grandiose and magnificent. That said, the Opry Mills mall next door is still closed. I think it’s slated to re-open in 2012.

  9. Hand Me downs are fabulous! I will accept and hand down anything I come across!

  10. Oh yes we love hand-me-downs and we pass that joy along too! I have totes in the attic full of clothes for the kids to grow into and the things they’ve outgrown that we will pass along too.

  11. We LOVE hand-me-downs! Our family falls into the catagory of both giving them away and being willing to take them.

  12. Yes, I love them and we”ll finally be able to pass on some hand-me-downs soon!