Day #69: Give with Cottage Cove in Nashville, TN

Day #69: Give with Cottage Cove in Nashville, TN 1

Nashville, TN

We volunteered today with Cottage Cove and were happy to meet a staff excited about helping kids to succeed.

Cottage Cove is a non-profit organization that offers activities for K-6 grade kids after school each day (M- F). Activities include Bible studies, music, art, games, field trips, and individual tutoring. And the services are completely free!

Stephanie and I (with our two girls in our laps) spent a good part of our time helping kids with their homework (addition, subtraction, multiplication).

My favorite part about Cottage Cove is the personal investment that the staff and volunteers have with the kids. Many of the Cove kids wouldn’t have positive role-models in their lives if it weren’t for this after-school program. Cottage Cove provides a safe place for kids to receive positive adult relationships, encouragement, and hope.

Here is a list of items you may want to donate.


  1. Tim,

    Wow, what an incredible place! I think these afterschool programs provide such an integral value to our youth. In our area there are so many working parents and such a lack of resources to support this children. Our family life would be so much more fulfilling if the kids could work on thier homework afterschool instead of in the 2 hours we have in the evening with dinner, sports, etc. To add on the religon is an even better proposition.

  2. This is an awesome place! I’d love to find a local place like that here – in the past I’ve worked as a volunteer tutor for kids k-12, but haven’t found a place to do that here. Thanks guys – you keep giving me more things to research in my local community :)

  3. @racasiple Did you see that we volunteered w/ Cottage Cove in Nashville, TN? Thanks so much for the idea! #GiveEveryDay