Day #61: Give Flowers For a Garden

Day #61: Give Flowers For a Garden 1

Today was story hour at the public library. Stephanie stayed with the girls and I headed to the other side of the library to take advantage of the quiet environment and free WiFi.

When the storytime was over, the girls proudly showed me two pots of flowers (there had been a special guest from Lowe's there leading a hands-on project).

The girls and I left Stephanie at the library for her turn to work and we drove back to the campground. In the truck, we talked about what we should do with the live flowers. Our oldest was concerned that we water them so they would "stay beautiful."

I suggested we ask the campground owners if we could plant them in their flower garden. The girls thought that was a great idea.

We had a fresh loaf of cinnamon raisin bread just finishing in the bread machine when we returned. After devouring our snack, we talked with one of the campground owners about the flowers. She was thrilled with the idea and even brought out some gardening tools for the girls to use.

We planted the flowers right in front of the office door.

Our girls were happy to give their flowers away. It is so awesome seeing them excited to give.

5 comments on “Day #61: Give Flowers For a Garden”

  1. We usually take a potted flower to new neighbors who move in during the spring or summer months. Most of them are very appreciative and it's a gift my kids enjoy giving! Sugar has been begging to go get flowers to plant in our own yard, but we have to wait until May or the frost might get them!

    1. Such a good idea for new neighbors.

      We haven't ever had a garden or flower bed. I think in our next house we will though. The girls really like planting.

  2. It IS exciting to see children that small so excited about giving away their precious creations!

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