Day #47: Give with Seniors First Orlando, FL

Day #47: Give with Seniors First Orlando, FL 5Seniors First held a press conference this morning for the Mayors of Central Florida. I helped out as their photographer.

They are a non-profit organization that “enhances the quality of life for Central Florida senior citizens by maintaining their independence and dignity through nutrition, home improvement and support services.”

This month is “March For Meals,” a national campaign initiated by Meals on Wheels. Today’s special press conference was part of this month’s emphasis on senior nutrition.

After the press conference, Maura (VP of Client Care Programs with Seniors First), Chase (Aide to the Orange County Mayor), and I delivered meals to three housebound senior couples.

You can see moreĀ of the story on Flickr.

Day #47: Give with Seniors First Orlando, FL 6

Is there a similar organization in your city? How do you care for the elderly in your community?


  1. Dear Tim & Family,

    Thank you so much for your help at our Mayors For Meals event! Your pictures are amazing!! We truly appreciate your support and for helping us raise awareness to the senior hunger crisis.
    Best of luck in your travels….we’ll be watching!


  2. Tim,
    I have been thinking much about care for the elderly near me lately. Thanks for sharing about this group!

  3. I used to go visit the nursing home about once a month and just visit with whoever needed visiting with – then I got married and moved and never got into the habit again – I’m thinking this would be a good way to reach out and involve my kids too. Gotta think on that one some more… figure out which nursing home to go to! In the meantime we adopt all the little old ladies in our church who don’t have much family left, Sugar makes them cards and we pick up little gifts on occasion for them – it’s fun for us and means a lot to them!