Day #38: Give to the Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief

Day #38: Give to the Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief 1

(Kyodo News/Associated Press)

Today we arrived in Tallahassee, Florida. As we drove from Alabama, I kept thinking about all of the families in Japan struggling to know how to move forward after the tsunami disaster.

I can’t check my twitter feed without seeing another news story about ongoing devastation in Japan. More bodies found. More wounded. Radiation. Stocks plummeting. Homelessness. Confusion. Fear.

Stephanie and I made a donation this evening to the Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief through World Vision. The aid is designated specifically to distribute relief supplies to meet the daily needs of quake and tsunami survivors. It will also focus efforts on responding to the emotional needs of children, who are the most impacted after such a traumatic event.

Pray for Japan.




  1. I just noticed you can make donations to the Red Cross from iTunes. 100% goes to the American Red Cross!

  2. We have been praying for those families in Japan – the devastation and ongoing trials those people are facing is overwhelming.

    I think it is important during a catastrophe like this one to give to organizations who are already established in the area and have the knowledge of the culture and contacts necessary to efficiently and effectively provide assistance already in place. That way you can give with the assurance that your gift will be used to its fullest. Which is why I like giving through Red Cross, World Vision, Compassion International or The Salvation Army. I’m sure there are other established, reputable, international organizations as well – but these are the four I’m familiar with!