Day #37: Give to The Birth Center in Tucson, Arizona

Day #37: Give to The Birth Center in Tucson, Arizona 3Two years ago today, our youngest daughter was born. We celebrated her birth by eating cheesecake and singing “Happy Birthday.”

In honor of her birth, we made a small donation to the Birth Center where she was born. You can read more about our time at the Birth Center on Stephanie’s blog, but – in a nutshell – it was an amazing experience and we are very thankful for the nurses and midwives who work there.

P.S. I am also thankful to be a man. More power to all you moms for giving birth!


  1. Oh she just is adorable! Happy Birthday to her and what an awesome way to give back! :)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to your littlest girl! Hope you had a fantastic day!! Happy Happy Birthday!

  3. I wish we has more birthcenters as opposed to hospitals
    Happy birthday!

  4. I love the idea of giving in honor of your children’s birthdays. We do this for Christmas, but hadn’t thought to do it for the birthdays!

  5. Unfortunately a birth center wasn’t an option for me – but we were very fortunate to have good nurses, an awesome OBGYN and a good hospital experience – I’ve thought about taking cookies up to the nurses on the birthing floor this year when Goose turns 2 – his birth was rather traumatic for me, but it’s all good now and 99% of my nurses were wonderful!

    Happy Birthday to your little one – both of your girls are beautiful (Stephanie is too!)

  6. Don’t underestimate the importance of being that man while your wife is in labor. I know you know that… It would have been impossible for me without my husband.

    Can I have the cheesecake recipe?

  7. that picture is beyond cute!

  8. Happy birthday sweetie girl. I wish you another year of life, love hugs and kisses!