Day #20: Give with Any Baby Can in Austin, TX

Day #20: Give with Any Baby Can in Austin, TX 7Today was our first real trip into the heart of downtown Austin. [The rumors of bad traffic are true, by the way.]

The four of us spent a couple of hours at Any Baby Can Child & Family Resource Center. The organization seeks to “bring help and hope to the youngest, sickest, and poorest children” in their community. We were impressed by the friendly staff and well-organized facility.

Day #20: Give with Any Baby Can in Austin, TX 8The organization is currently gearing up for a Mom’s Night Out for mothers of children with cancer. We were able to help by preparing 45 party favors that will be given to each mom. We packaged small party bags with chocolates and skin care products.

One of the neat things about this project was that our whole family was able to help. We were given a room with all the materials and quickly made an assembly line to get the work done. Our oldest daughter counted out the chocolates, I bagged  the items, and Stephanie closed everything up with ribbon and a special label. Our little one aided in the effort by playing with toys and “reading” books quietly in the corner.

Day #20: Give with Any Baby Can in Austin, TX 9NOTE: If you live in the Austin area, you may want to consider attending or volunteering at Any Baby Can’s 2011 Rockin’ Roundup on March 26th at the Austin Music Hall. It is the organization’s main fundraising event and includes dinner, dancing, live music, and a silent auction.


  1. Janelle - The Opinionated Mama says

    This sounds like an amazing organization! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing about this organization. I’m so happy that your daughters were able to help!

  3. It will be so great for these moms to get out and I am sure they will all be so excited to receive a cute favor too.
    How do you find the places you are helping? Do have any tips for finding organizations in an area?

    • We get suggestions sometimes, but surprisingly most of the organizations we connect with we find on google. Try googling “non-profit + your city’s name” or if you have a specific type of organization in mind google that. For example: “non-profit men’s shelter + city.”

  4. When I thank my kids for helping me they ask – what did I do? I tell them you both played together so nicely while I did… That is a HUGE help.

  5. Wow, I am sure those mothers loved it! When we lived in Boston I worked as a Child Life Specialist for pediatric oncology and I saw how those mothers needed one another for support.

  6. This give touches close to my heart – I’ll have to look and see if there is a similar organization in this area. Momma’s of little ones often need a little something extra special, especially if those little ones have significant medical needs.

    I love reading about how your children are helping – yours are slightly older than mine and it’s just neat to read about them too.