Day #148: Give a Birthday Present To a Stranger

Day #148: Give a Birthday Present To a Stranger 3We ate at a restaurant today for lunch. At the table next to ours sat a young man and his mother. They were both outgoing and struck up a conversation with us.

It turns out, the mom had brought her son there for his 22nd birthday.  He had a cognitive disability and was excited to tell us all about whoopie pies and the upcoming fireworks show on 4th of July.

As we were leaving, I wished we had something to give as a birthday present. When we got in the truck, I found a coin that I had brought back from Ukraine last summer. Kayla and I took the coin back inside and asked him if he liked to collect things. He said, “oh yes.” We gave him the coin as a small birthday gift.


  1. I’m sure your small act of kindness made that family’s day. There is something about receiving something unexpected that helps put a smile on your face that lasts the whole day long!