Day #147: Give Your Host a Gift

Day #147: Give Your Host a Gift 3One of our favorite things we get to do as we travel is spend time with friends. This evening we had dinner at some friends’ house in New Jersey. Our girls had a blast playing with their two similar aged boys.

Before we arrived at their house, we stopped by Panera Bread and picked up some muffins. The girl behind the counter put them in a gift box and we gave them to our friends when we arrived.

Our friends gave us the greater gift by visiting with us and providing dinner, but we wanted to give a small token of appreciation as well.

What host/hostess gift do you like to give when you are a guest for dinner?


  1. Those look yummy. I might need to make some muffins today!

  2. And we enjoyed those muffins for our *late* breakfast this morning :). Thank you!

    • Thanks again for dinner! I imaging your “late” breakfast was still on the early side compared to us. Of course, it was pushing 1am when we got back home.

  3. We like to bring a bottle of wine (if appropriate) or some nice dessert. Those muffins look splendid!

  4. I just clicked over from Musings of a Housewife. So glad you and Jo-Lynne were able to meet in person. I like to stock up on cocktail napkins/small candles/good-smeling handsoaps to give as gifts when someone invites us over.

  5. My favorite things to bring over are homemade treats, homemade bread or some of my homemade apple butter.