Day #141: Give a Push When Someone Runs Out of Gas

Day #141: Give a Push When Someone Runs Out of Gas 3We were coming back from a day in NYC with friends who live in New Jersey and pulled into a gas station for fuel and a restroom break.

A man driving a Toyota Camry stalled his car less than a 100 yards from the pumps. He had completely run out of gas. I saw one of the fuel station employees walking over to the vehicle so I followed. The car was on a slope so I new they needed more man power.

A minute later our friends that we had been riding with also came over to help push. While Stephanie watched all the kids, the 5 of us were able to push the car up the hill and to the gas pump.

Have you ever run out of gas?



  1. We can’t count the times I’ve run out of gas – back when I was in college and drove a clunker with a non-working gas gauge. And even later when I thought I could go just a little farther before I had to fill up… I’m thankful for the “you’re out of gas – pay attention to the gauge!!!!!” ding-er I have on my current vehicle :D