Day #132: Give Free Advertising

Day #132: Give Free Advertising 3Over the last few months, we have met with numerous executive directors and CEOs, plus volunteered and toured over 50 different non-profit organizations.

We waned to honor three organizations today that are doing an amazing job caring for others. Each organization will receive 2 months free advertising on both and

These three organizations were well-run, clean and organized, and they easily articulated why their organization was important for those they served.

Do you know any non-profits that deserve recognition for doing a great job?


  1. You have picked some excellent non-profits to bless with free advertising! I just found out about a grass-roots type non-profit in my town (well… the town next to my town!) that I’m going to check out with the kids this summer – because of the inspiration this blog and your journey has given me to do more. Thanks!

  2. Such a great idea. I love Morgan’s Wonderland. I’ve never been anywhere like it.

  3. Thank you! RT @TimSheaffer: Day #132: Give free Advertising for 2 mos. to @mealsonwheels @MorgansWndrlnd @GKTWVillage