Day #131: Give Attention to Your Kids

Lebanon, PA

Today, I spent most of the day with my two girls. In the morning the three of us went down to the family center here at our campground while Stephanie worked.

The family center has a little area with toys and books for small children. While we were there, another little girl arrived. I read books to the three girls, played Tea, and chatted on and off with the other little girl’s great-great-grandmother.

Around noon we headed home to eat lunch with Stephanie. After lunch, Stephanie wrote some more while the three of us went swimming, played on the campground’s playscape, and took a hike around the lake to look for goose feathers.

Today reminded me that the most important thing I have to give my girls isn’t toys or games or something sweet to eat – it is my time.


  1. You said it Tim – the most important thing we have to give our kids is ourselves – our time, our dreams, our passions, our zest, our attention, our love.

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