Day #127: Give Someone a Compliment After a Performance

Day #127: Give Someone a Compliment After a Performance  3

Fredericksburg, VA

Day #127: Give Someone a Compliment After a Performance  4Today, the four of us went to a children’s dinner theater in Fredericksburg and watched the musical Doctor Doolittle. We were given bagged lunches with hot chicken nuggets and had our own private table.

The girls were fascinated by the actors and their costumes. It was a great family experience.

One of the best solos was from the crocodile. After the show, we were intentional to congratulate him on a job well done.

Do you like the theater? Have you ever taken your kids to a children’s play or musical?


  1. I took my daughter to see Wicked and Mary Poppins in Boston. She absolutely loves musicals and knows pretty much every word to the songs in Wicked. I fell in love with the musical when I saw it in Boston and then saw it on Broadway in NY so I listened to the soundtrack all the time. She can now sing the songs better than me!

  2. That sounds like a fun time for you all! Doesn’t get much better than family friendly live performances, does it?
    I’m sure your intentional compliment was welcome feedback to a young performer. Way to give:)

  3. We love theatre! We try to go to 2 or 3 community theatre or CYT musicals a year – it’s enjoyable for all of us!