Day #126: Give Away Clothes at a Clothes Swap

Day #126: Give Away Clothes at a Clothes Swap 3We left Richmond today and are now camping in Fredericksburg. Last night, Stephanie and Kayla went to a clothes swap that a friend in Richmond organized. They took a few clothing items with them and came home with more than they left with.

Everyone at the clothes swap brought clothes from their families that they no longer needed.

A clothes swap is a great way to give because everyone wins. You and your friends get new clothes and all the remaining clothes that no one claims are donated to a local charity.

Have you ever organized or attended a clothes swap?


  1. Honestly, I never feel like my clothes are good enough to swap. LOL.

  2. I’ve participated in clothes swap at church but usually i give the clothes, ours and the supply we keep at our house for our grandchildren, to friends or relatives. I like the idea of swapping though. When my kids were growing up they loved hand me downs.

  3. I’ve never attended a formal clothes swap although I’ve swapped clothes with other people lots of times before. I think an “official” swap would be fun to attend!