Day #124: Give with Positive Vibe Cafe in Richmond, VA

Day #124: Give with Positive Vibe Cafe in Richmond, VA 3

Richmond, VA

There is a cafe in Richmond called Positive Vibe that trains and employes people with disabilities. They are a non-profit restaurant and food services program. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also has a beer and wine menu.

Day #124: Give with Positive Vibe Cafe in Richmond, VA 4

On a tour today, we met former students that now work at the Vibe.  The goal of the 4-week program is to prepare disabled men and women (16-years and older) for job seeking, interviewing and working in the food service industry.

After touring the facility, we watered plants in front of the restaurant, stuffed envelopes with fliers, and re-organized a storage room.

Revenue from the restaurant helps fund the free 4-week training program. If you live in the Richmond area, one of the best ways to support Positive Vibe is by stopping in for a meal or coffee. You can also follow Positive Vibe on Twitter.

Do you have a favorite cafe in your city? What makes them stand-out?


  1. Our favorite cafe is a newish one in town – they use all local ingredients – so the menu changes seasonally and it’s really good!

  2. This is one place I have never heard of. We will have to go there one day soon :)

  3. What a great idea for a cafe! And an awesome mural/artwork.
    Tomorrow, my mom and I are checking out a cafe in Prescott called “The Pony Espresso”. Isn’t that a great name? Just had to share…