Day #123: Give with Boaz and Ruth in Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

Boaz & Ruth is a year long re-entry program for men and women released from incarceration, helping them transition from blight to beauty and hope.

Today, we met three of the graduates from the program. They told stories about how they once used drugs, committed crimes to feed addictions, and lived very hopeless lives. Through the re-entry program, they were able to learn job skills and become individuals that contributed to their community instead of deteriorating it.

We also toured the Boaz and Ruth businesses that are run by men and women in the rehabilitation program:

Do you know of any “re-entry” programs in your community?


  1. I don’t know of a re-entry program in this community (I’m ashamed to admit that!) but I did know of one in the place I lived before – and I think these programs are key to helping those who want to be helped to learn how to support themselves as honest members of society.

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