Day #105: Give your Carpentry Skills in Fayetteville, NC

Day #105: Give your Carpentry Skills in Fayetteville, NC 3

Photo by: Kayla Sheaffer - Fayetteville, NC

Yesterday, I received a message from a man wanting to tell me about a unique group of men who serve their community by repairing homes – for free.

Today, Kayla (my four-year-old) and I met this gentleman at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church in Fayetteville. On one end of the church’s property is a series of garages filled with tools and equipment to be used to help anyone in need of home repair.

Day #105: Give your Carpentry Skills in Fayetteville, NC 4The men who are part of the carpentry team build wheelchair ramps, are prepared to help with disaster recovery, can fix just about anything, and have worked with Habitat for Humanity on home builds. The tools and supplies are also used during Vacation Bible School to teach kids how to make things like picnic tables.

My favorite part was that this carpentry ministry is an awesome opportunity to give if you are a guy who likes to work with your hands.

Are there any groups in your community that offer free home repairs?


  1. Joycelyn Connet says

    I have worked with so many patients over the years who would have loved a ministry that helped build wheelchair ramps. This is AWESOME!!!

    • I bet.

      They also said they partnered with another organization that paid for material for the wheelchair ramps. So they only needed to provide lobor.

  2. Sounds like an awesome group! I’ve never heard of anything like this.

  3. This does sound like a great group. We have a pretty construction-oriented group of men in our church so as a church our men have gone out and helped people with home repairs, to build churches, and other things on occasion. They always seem to have a great time and they definitely bless those they serve.