Day #103: Give with the Salvation Army in Fayetteville, NC

Day #103: Give with the Salvation Army in Fayetteville, NC 1

Salvation Army Shelter - Fayetteville, NC

Today, we visited the Salvation Army’s community center and emergency shelter in Fayetteville. All services are free, but the goal isn’t to give “hand-outs.” Instead, the Army wants to give “hand-ups.” Their programs operate with the intention of helping people heal “physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Here are four ways to volunteer with the Fayetteville Salvation Army:

1) Help serve meals to those in need at the homeless shelter.

2) Sort donations.

3) Sign up to ring the bell.

4) Host a toy or food drive.

Is there a Salvation Army in your community? Have you every volunteered there?


  1. I’ve never volunteered with the local Salvation Army – although I shop at their thrift store and take donations there too.

    I like a ministry with the mindset of giving people a hand-up instead of simply a hand-out.

  2. I have been a bell ringer a few times. One year my best friend and I brought our instruments (and our fingerless gloves!) and played Christmas songs instead of ringing the bell. It was fun!