Campground Sponsor: Asheville West KOA in Candler, NC

Campground Sponsor: Asheville West KOA in Candler, NC 1

We spent last week in Asheville, NC.

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and known for its beauty, Asheville is a free-spirited city filled with people from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

We stayed at the KOA on the west side of town in Candler. It had super easy access from the freeway and all the amenities of a resort style campground. Best part - the internet actually worked (something we took for granted before traveling across America)!

Campground Sponsor: Asheville West KOA in Candler, NC 2

The wooded area throughout the campground was great too. We enjoyed exploring all around the park.

I hope we get an opportunity to visit again because there are several waterfalls and hiking trails that are still on our "list."

Have you ever been to Asheville or hiked in the Appalachian Mountains?

2 comments on “Campground Sponsor: Asheville West KOA in Candler, NC”

  1. Loved hiking the Appalachians growing up. Some of those waterfalls are unbelievable! And you all are there at a great time of year. It can get pretty humid as summer wears on...

    1. It is a great time of year. We are in Advance, NC now, but it still has plenty of trees and rivers and is beautiful!

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