Day #87: Give Lemon Bars

We set up camp this afternoon in Advance, NC. We're planning to be here two weeks (unless the slow Internet drives us crazy first). Before we left Asheville, we wanted to say "thank you" to the campground owners at the KOA we stayed at this past week. Stephanie and our oldest daughter made lemon bars. They are some of the best ones I have ever eaten! This morning, we put together a plate of … [Read more...]

Amy’s igive Story

Congratulations to Amy - this week's featured giver and prize winner. Amy's Story: Today my 4 year old and I joined others at our church for a monthly “Sandwich Ministry”. We package up sandwiches & a Bible verse for passing out at a homeless shelter. Tonight I’m giving my time. Our church is updating their Directory and I’m working the picture check-in booth. A new prize winner is selected … [Read more...]

Day #86: Give Your Family Rest

  ***We have committed to give our family rest each Sunday. Read more here. … [Read more...]

Day #85: Give a Picnic for Friends or Family

Stephanie's sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews live about two hours from Asheville. Today, they met us for a fun-filled day of hanging out together and sightseeing. We met at 11:30am for a picnic. The Appalachian Mountains are beautiful this time of year - perfect for being outdoors. Stephanie and I brought simple fixings for all of us to eat - strawberries, melon, honey-roasted turkey, … [Read more...]

Day #84: Give with the Veterans Restoration Quarters in Asheville, NC

We spent a couple of hours today at the Veterans Restoration Quarters (another ministry of ABCCM). It is an old Super 8 Hotel that has been converted into a place where United States Veteran men can find hope and empowerment to leave behind homelessness and addictions. VRQ not only offers meals and a place to sleep for up to two years - they provide case management, counseling, mentoring, a … [Read more...]

Day #83: Give with the Crisis Center in Asheville, NC

  Today we visited the Crisis Center, which is operated by The Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry. ABCCM has five different departments (Crisis, Jail, Shelter, Veteran, and Medical). The Crisis Center exists for those who need immediate assistance. People come to the center whenever they lack food or clothing or if they need money for an unpaid bill. One unique … [Read more...]

Day #82 Give with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Asheville, NC

Today, we met with Robin Myer (Executive Director) at the Big Brothers Big Sisters offices in Asheville. BBBS matches adult mentors with kids who need a caring role model in their lives. It is a process based on personality, hobbies, and experiences. I really like this one-on-one model. BBBS' goal is for the mentor and child to form long-term relationships - establishing a positive role model … [Read more...]

Day #81: Give with MANNA FoodBank in Asheville, NC

Today we volunteered at MANNA FoodBank - an organization that collects, stores, warehouses and distributes food to accredited non-profits throughout 16 counties in Western North Carolina. They ship out over 8 million pounds each year. Their operation was clean and organized...a feat that not all non-profits have mastered. After a tour of their two warehouses, our family joined a group of … [Read more...]

Day #80 Give a Gift to Other Givers

Today, we are launching igive - a place to share how YOU give. The GiveEveryDay movement is much more than just what my family and I do each day. It is your story too. Each week I will give a prize to 1 person who shares how they gave. This is an opportunity for me to give back to you every week. Feel free to enter every day! One winner will be picked each Saturday. This week the … [Read more...]

Day #79: Give Your Family Rest

***We have committed to give our family rest each Sunday. Read more here. … [Read more...]

Campground Sponsor: Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Nashville, TN

We have passed through 9 states so far. Tennessee has been one of our favorites. The terrain is beautiful - green rolling hills, towering trees, and creeks full of fish. Last week we stayed at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park in Nashville. Jellystone campgrounds tend to be family-friendly with lots of activities and fun play areas for kids. Our favorite thing about this Jellystone, however, was … [Read more...]

Day #78: Give to a Friend’s Dream

Fame has many friends. The sports team that wins the championship suddenly gains a new and much larger fan base. The musician that scores a record deal receives instant adoration. The entrepreneur who strikes gold is sought out for publicity and partnerships. But every star must start somewhere. Every successful person has champions and encouragers who were there from day one - true … [Read more...]

Day #77: Give Your Bicycle

Our oldest daughter decided that she should give her bicycle to another kid that will use it more often then she does. We took the bike to a Goodwill donations center today along with a large bag of other donations. What do you know about Goodwill? We hope to learn more at their corporate headquarters when we get to Maryland. … [Read more...]


GiveEveryDay is a movement of people. People like you. Giving as a lifestyle doesn't require huge amounts of money or powerful positions. It's choosing to see the needs of others and taking action. We want to hear your ideas for ways to give. Tell how you and your family helped someone or maybe how someone gave to you. Below you can read stories from others. Leave a comment and … [Read more...]

Day #76: Give with Crisis Pregnancy Center in Bristol, TN

We volunteered today at the Crisis Pregnancy Center here in Bristol. The center is a safe place for pregnant women to get educational materials, support throughout their pregnancy, and even clothes for their new baby (0-4T) - all for free. The four of us sorted through boxes of clothing donations. We separated items by size, gender, and season. Our oldest daughter was a pro at putting everything … [Read more...]