Big Prairie, Ohio

Big Prairie, Ohio 1

Big Prairie, Ohio

We arrived in Big Prairie, Ohio yesterday. We will be here a couple more days and then head to Cincinnati. As we head west, we are looking forward to more familiar territory.

Here is a quick update about Give Every Day.

  • The past 6 months have reminded us that giving happens first and foremost through relationships – with our family and local community (more on this later).
  • As we travel through the central states, we will be going at a faster pace. This is due to campground availability, weather, and the sparsity of organizations, businesses, and people compared to the coasts.
  • Next week our truck will be in the shop for a few days getting engine work done and Stephanie will be going to her final dentist appointment for her root canal/crown.
  • This past week, giving in our family looked like: writing thank you cards, reading book to our girls, praying for our friends, giving encouraging comments to some neighbors, and donating clothes + books.
  • While I am not going to be writing every day like we did for the first 150 days, we will continue to give daily as a family. Upcoming posts will be more reflective about what we have learned. I will also be spotlighting businesses and  non-profits when we discover ones that stand-out in their mission or strategies.
2011 has been a year of intense change and growth for us. As we process the many things we are learning, we are excited to share our thoughts with you.


  1. I am excited that you will be freed up to write longer posts about what you are learning and pondering!

  2. I was sorry to hear that you had truck troubles again – enjoy this second half of your journey!